When you work with a professional Digital and Print Design Studio , you work with a structured creative design process for all of the work.

Why have a creative process?

There is a common myth that creativity is something that just appears in an instant. It can, although it is extremely rare.

Genuine creativity is bloody hard work, having a process helps us to produce consistent and timely results of value for our clients.

This article is an introduction to a series on the Studio Creative Design Process in a Digital and Print Design Studio. Over the series we will cover;

  • The Creative Design Brief,
  • Creative Works Planning & Estimation,
  • Brand Name Development,
  • Brand Visual Development,
  • The Digital Technical Brief
  • and more articles will be in the pipeline.

Why share this ?
The journey of working with our clients is one of a partnership that utilises our creative and technical expertise combined with the expertise in your enterprise to help you grow, achieve goals and generally win at life.  When you win, so do we and talking about the process helps you to know what to expect, and be prepared for the process. We also find it helps our partners to better understand the effort, value and benefit of the work we do.

It is important to share this with our peers as well, in this industry we all started from the pro-verbal mail-room, and developed from the advice and mentorship from our peer, although with the advent of the internet and reduced mentorship programs a lot of the most basic advice has been repeated and hasn't really progressed into the deeper advanced stuff.  We hope with this series of articles to dive in deeper.

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash