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Great design systems makes us smile, like when you fall in love.

Our approach is driven by building your profile.
We listen to your needs and create a professional package to reach your business goals. We can help fulfil your vision of success, bringing your ideas into life.

Design Process

Remember the Alamo?

We’re a team of brilliant visual communicators, who run a small and efficient studio.

Our team have worked in the graphics industry for 38 years collectively, which doesn’t make us as old as warp drive, it means we know what we’re on about.

Founded by Chris Hall in 1997, with business partner, Leo Perkins, Think Aloud is a business with a diverse range of industry knowledge.

Our network of wildly talented creatives are honed to suit individual projects. Efficiency born out of experience.

About Us

We used to mow our grass dreaming of this day...

b.1997. grew up providing quality agency design services.

Chris Hall, was born exactly 400 years after Michelangelo burst into light. I think this is the clue about this great man. Not suggesting the second coming but well maybe the vibe of the thing.

Chris began his career in design in the early 80’s and was there at the dawn of the commercial digital revolution. The carnage from the old to the new was horrific, his vision invaluable.

His career foundation created his eagle eye attention to detail. Creative design is in his microbiome.

With collective knowledge built on historic experience in the graphic trenches coupled with a easy-going personality Chris is a great partner in communicating brilliant design.


Leo Perkins, human/vulcan lives by logic and reason. Valuable at the helm when making decisions for the best outcomes.

Leo beamed down a couple of decades ago merging into many roles. I’d say he’s naturally gifted.

Leo is multi-talented in the field of marketing and broad scope operational information systems. Creative and resourceful, always attentive.

He is quick to understand and adopt new technologies and ideas, ensuring that his projects are cutting edge and sophisticated while matching the client’s need for results.

He is down to earth, with a lame joke always on hand, but also a highly professional go-getter.



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10am - 4pm Mon - Fri

We work out of a variety of spaces including, client, public, co-working and private spaces as well as on the road. This means our studio is where our mind is. So let’s meet and we’ll come to you.

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